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  • Norik Gevorgyan: People’s demand is just

    08:05 26 June 2015

    Head of the “Armenian Community of Kiev” NGO Norik Gevorgyan believes that the ongoing developments in Armenia are of domestic nature, but not political.

    “It isn’t an ideological protest. As we know it is related to the tariffs. People’s demand is just. If they want to raise tariffs, they should raise salaries and pensions. It’s a social issue, but not political,” said Norik Gevorgyan.

    According to him, the civil society condemns what happened several days ago, when the peaceful protesters were forced to leave.

    “We all condemn what happened during the first night. After they forced people to leave, it could have become a political action. There are forces that can use that situation. We wouldn’t like such a thing to happen,” said the head of the Armenian Community of Kiev.

    “I hope that the Armenian Government will be wise. The authorities should listen to the people,” he added.


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