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  • Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee Announcement

    12:25 19 Mar 2021

    Representatives of the various organizations that comprise the Armenian Genocide Committee (AGC) have been meeting regularly to plan commemorative events for April 24, 2021, the 106th anniversary of the start of the Armenian Genocide.

    This year’s remembrance has added significance as 2020, once again, saw the need for the Armenian nation to defend itself against heinous acts of genocide waged by its neighbors during the devastating Artsakh war from September to November, 2020.

    During the April 24 commemorations, the AGC, a coalition of the largest Armenian community organizations, will also pay tribute to the thousands of fallen heroes who lost their lives in defense of the Armenian homeland.

    In the midst of the recent Artsakh War over 100,000 people, representing every segment of the Armenian community, along with friends, allies, and supporters, joined together in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills to protest against the human rights and international law violations committed against the Armenian people which are eerily reminiscent to the Armenian Genocide.

    To build on the unity exhibited during the recent war, the AGC is working to bring every segment of the Armenian community together again to collectively raise our voices as one demanding justice for the 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide and ensuring that such horrific acts are never repeated.

    The Armenian Genocide Committee (AGC), represents a broad association of global Armenian organizations:

    Western Diocese Of The Armenian Church
    Western Prelacy Of The Armenian Apostolic Church
    Armenian Catholic Eparchy USA
    Armenian Evangelical Union of North America
    Armenian Revolutionary Federation
    Social Democratic Hunchakian Party
    Armenian Democratic Liberal Party
    Armenian General Benevolent Union
    Armenian Relief Society
    Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region
    Armenian Assembly of America
    Armenian Council of America
    Armenian Youth Federation
    Gaidz Youth Organization
    Armenian Bar Association
    Organization of Istanbul Armenians
    Open Wounds and several other prominent Armenian community organizations.

    Additional detailed information regarding the 2021 commemorative events will be provided in future news releases, television announcements and social media platforms.


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